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Clock Making

Darren Gunderson

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Re: clock making.


I get most of the repair parts I need from http://timesavers.com/ They have a pretty good selection. They also carry some wind up movements that are pretty close replacements for vintage movements. I think they are made in India, but they are not too bad. I have gotten good service from this company.

Another place for battery operated movements is http://www.klockit.com/. I work mainly with vintage mechanical stuff so I have not ordered much from this place but they seem to have a good selection of movements and such for electric stuff.



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Re: clock making.

"Timesavers" has always given excellent service. I've only used them for materials and repair parts--never had occasion to need replacement movements.

Ray Rice, with too many hobbies, in Rifton


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This may or may not help you but I ordered some of these in march to replace the guts in several clocks around here and I like them.From china the shipping is about 3 weeks.The hands will need to be straightened as they ship in a soft package and the hands get a little whacked.Nothing you can't solve. I bought from 3 different vendors in china to get 3 different mechanisms and was happy with all transactions. Similar clock works cost me about 15 bucks at Wood craft where I went a couple years ago to get a mechanism for a clock that had been in the family since the early 70's.


What I have fiqured out if you have a non muted mechanism you can remove the second hand and the clicing will stop.:)
The muted 1 like I posted the second hand sweeps instead of clics.


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If you want to see some really interesting workmanship & tool making search for Clickspring on youtube.com

You'll hate me later for all the hours you will spend watching his videos. :D