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Comical Kato Generator, Briggs Model 23 Ad


8.40-9hp @3600rpm depending on what version of the model 23 it is. If the governor is set to 1800rpm this engine makes 5.25hp.


Kevin K

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From the Ebay page:

"I Believe by doing some research this generators from the 1950s I've seen these sell close to $650" :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

"hate to see it piece of this Americana go towards scrapped but that would bring me quite a bit of money also" But at 10 cents per pound not even the $50 starting bid.

John Newman Jr.

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I contacted the seller and offered my thoughts on his listing.
Just bashing him here is not helpful. Below is a copy of what I said:

"Hello. I am writing you about the generator you have listed - Item # 273930270907.
While I am an old generator enthusiast and collector, I will not be bidding on this unit simply because I am half way across the country from you. That said, I would like to pass along a couple of thoughts. While your price is certainly reasonable, you are not helping yourself with the completely unreadable pictures of the tags. Providing them was a good idea, but nobody can read them. If you can add the information on the tags to your description, that would help a lot. At least provide the rated watts on the generator tag.
A Briggs & Stratton Model 23 is NOT 23 HP. It is a 23 cubic inch displacement engine. Maximum rated HP on it is 9.5 at 3600 RPM.
I am not trying to offend or insult you. I am on an on-line forum that discusses old generators and yours came up. Just thought I would offer constructive information to help you sell your unit.
Have a good day,"

He replied with:
"Ok thank you"

Now we'll just have to see if anything changes in the listing.