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Company Selling Detroit 2-71 Generators


Does anyone know who manufactures the generator head on this? Is it a Delco? I have a line on one but I am trying to figure out worst case scenario, What normally goes wrong with these. Is there any gotcha's to look out for?

I am new to the power generation thing. I do know that I really like the simplicity of design on the 2-71. The cost to rebuild it is very reasonable.

Thanks for any help for a newbie.


40,000 hours is nothing for a 2-71 diesel generator. Ive seen a few at Leid's with 85,000 hours coming in for a rebuild by the owner as a "just because" These engines will run forever and then some as long as fuel and oil are supplied! Ask Timothy the owner about the 6-71 engine which came in a few years back which ran 24/7 for 35 years before dropping a valve and loosing compression!

The generator heads are Delco brand, if it has a different generator head it wasnt factory!!! These units are not sealed, so if they were submerged in water, or if mice have gotten to them, you could have some chewed up wires, and all sorts of electrical nightmares. As long as you buy one which runs and can be load tested, you are fine. There are really no weaknesses to the units. The only downfalls are noise and fuel consumption, neither of which are possible to alleviate. Change filters on a 500 hour basis and keep SAE 40 in the pan.



Hello, Please let me know if this post is inappropriate. I've joined and been checking into Smokstak periodically for many years.

I know this is a very old thread, but I'm casting around for some info. I have a good running 2-71 genset that's been installed in my attached garage for 20+ years and has never let us down. Recently took it out of service for a modern automatic unit because of retirement and planning to travel more.

There doesn't seem to be a Smokstak classified category quite suited for this. My priority isn't about price, but I want it to go to someone who wants to properly respect and use it for what is was intended, as we here always have. It deserves respect. Scrapping is out of the question.

So, where or to whom might I look to find interested party/parties? For info, in Southern New England, and someone will need to have the means to safely move it's 2000+ lbs safely out of a 3-car garage.

Thanks for any info you can provide.



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I would also love to have a dd 2-71, but it's a bit too far for me to go, I don't quite have an extra ~1k laying around, and my family would kill me, I already have 17 generators (just had to count them, wow!, 9 of which are onans)

But it would be awesome to have!

Thanks for offering it to us.