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Completing (confirming) your Registration

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After registering, you will receive an automated email from the webserver that includes a LINK back to confirm that you are able to receive mail from the server. You must CLICK this link to have your registration completed, NO exceptions. Incomplete accounts are deleted after 30 days.

Email Filters: Many ISPs have set up SEVERE spam traps that dump a lot of emails COMPLETELY - you never see them. Call your support department and give them my server information: from mail.harrymatthews.net ( and hopefully, they will exempt it from their spam filter.

Please note: IF YOU REGISTER WITH A FAKE, DEFECTIVE, SPAM TRAPPED or MIS-SPELLED EMAIL ADDRESS, your account will be deleted. There is nothing we can do to help you because you can't be reached!

To have the system try again to send you new activation codes, click here: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/reghg49xz.php?do=requestemail
These codes are only valid for 24 hours.

Change your email address click here: https://www.smokstak.com/forum/profile.php?do=editpassword

There are quite a few registration attempts on file where you are entering an email address that CAN NOT receive your email. I can't even get through to you via my regular account without the mail bouncing back. If this is so, you won't be able to receive the registration confirmation email. If you have already attempted to register, but need a password reminder or another confirmation email, let me know and I'll have them sent out to you. If you need to change your email address or need additional help, email oldengine@hotmail.com

ALL USERS: Your email address most likely DOES NOT begin with WWW. An email address is not like a web page where it works with or without WWW in front of it. Your email address has to be EXACTLY as it's assigned to you. If you have any doubts at all, SEND AN EMAIL TO YOURSELF and if you receive it in your inbox, OK, but if you don't, there IS a problem.

VERIZON users: Verizon is throttling the amount of email that you can receive (and I thought they had a huge network.) Anyway, this results in your not getting our confirmation email in a timely fashion, or from getting much other email for that matter. See https://www.smokstak.com/forum/showthread.php?p=195171#post195171

AOL users: with your email set to EXCLUSIVE, our email to you BOUNCES back incomplete. You cannot become registered if you don't have a valid email address. If you can't get the confirmation email link to work in your AOL system, try activating Internet Explorer or Firefox as a web browser. These will work through your AOL connection. TAKE NOTICE: You must copy the confirmation link that is mailed to you and paste it into your web browser. This extra step is required of AOL users because of AOL's protective email procedures. LINKS must be exact in order to work - there is no room for errors!

EARTHLINK Users: ALL of your mail bounces back from Earthlink's chain-link fence email spam protector unless a special email is responded to by the sender to get through the gate. The SmokStak registration system is a dumb robot that cannot deal with engaging in a gentle conversation. If you cannot open the gate yourself, you cannot register through an Earthlink email address.

HOTMAIL USERS: Look in your junk mail folder! If you have your email filter set to EXCLUSIVE you will not receive the confirmation message from my server. Your filter is at: options - junk email protection - junk email filter. If it is set to Exclusive, set it to Enhanced. Make sure that you don't have it set to delete junk mail immediately! Options > Junk Email Protection > Delete Junk Email (Deliver to Junk EMail folder and Delete Later.) This way you can see it in the folder! Once you get our mail, set it to be from an OK sender by adding the address to your list!

YAHOO USERS: On your Yahoo mail page, click OPTIONS over on the upper right-hand side. Then click SPAM PROTECTION. Set your spam filter to SAVE THESE MESSAGES for ONE MONTH, otherwise, Yahoo trashes them! Then after requesting your confirmation email from the server, LOOK in your BULK mail folder and mark our mail as NOT spam. Yahoo decides what is spam and what isn't spam. I cannot control them, you do by not using them.

MISSPELLED EMAIL ADDRESSES: If you don't enter your email address correctly, then the mail bounces. If you're not sure what your email address is, send an email to YOURSELF. If you don't get the mail you just sent to yourself, then something's wrong. Get help from your internet provider's support department!

One final note. In a way, I apologize for all the password stuff and automation and in a way, I don't. The world of the internet has changed in the past ten years and don't you think for one minute that there isn't someone out there that wouldn't just love to get at your passwords or otherwise break into our server. I spend a lot of time trying to keep out the fraud, spam, and other illegitimate crap. You can help by spending a few minutes coping with the registration system.
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