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Compression tester lister petter

jim delong

I have a lpa3 diesel mower and am suspicious about my compression. Does anyone know of a compression tester product that I can buy that fits in an injector hole (no threads) and is held down by a fork rod. The diameter of the injector is c. 17mm.


There are multi fit compression gauges to suit diesel engines and one of them will have the adaptor to suit. I noticed the difference when buying a gauge for the TVO tractor and only then did I read closer about fittings and accessories and basically you will buy a gauge for petrol engines like mine or a diesel kit. As this is something I don't make a living from I settled for a middle of the range model and it works well and once you have one it is amazing how often you want to know what compression it is running at.


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jim, have you found an appropriate adapter yet? I might be able to make one if you wanted to run up I25 to exit 255. I am just north of the exit on the Frontage Rd. Thompson River Ranch subdivision.