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Continental F140 fuel pump


I have an F140 from a massey harris 35 combine with a mechanical fuel pump. The fuel pump will not not work,I would like to rebuild or replace but have not found any information on it. Thank you in advance. Ken

Bud Tierney

If you haven't already, try Montes and PARoss as mentioned in the Towmotor thread; the pump was almost certainly a then off-the-shelf model from one of the fuel pump companies, if you can just obtain an ID...
I assume no markings on the pump; a good clear pic may elicit guesstimates or an ID...
McDonald Carb & Ign, a sponsor here (click on "sponsors" at top of page) may know of a reliable obsolete fuel pump supplier or rebuilder...several should appear on Google, and you could run the names here for any experience with them...
If all else fails, there're various electric pump types that members here have been forced to resort to...

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OOPS---forgot to mention don't know if any of the profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers deal in fuel pumps, but have note M&M Surplus (m&msurplus.com) did list fuel pumps on their website couple years ago...didn't check today...


Looks like an Airtex 570 will bolt on, the usual auto parts suppliers seem to have them (e.g. Summit, O'Reilly).


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I also think that Airtex 570 might be the right one. If you want it rebuilt or parts to rebuild it yourself call Then and Now Automotive 781-335-8860. They know fuel pumps and have good parts. They will probably ask you for the info off the pump though if you can find it.

Wayne Riedlinger

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A couple of times I've had fuel pumps not working. I took them apart and the little round valves with a very tiny spring were just sticking. After freeing them up the pumps worked fine.


I have the same fuel pump on my continental F209 motor. I need a new fuel pump.

where did you find a rebuild kit? Part number?



I found a replacement pump for the AC 9837 that fits my continental F209 sergers motor in my tow motor forklift.

I contacted Airtex and with the help of their tech support we identified the artex 570 pump. it has the same casting. There were some minor differences. The pump wasn't a direct bolt in.

the pump lever arm on the airtex seemed to be limited in the up stroke and it was binding on the cam during install. When compared side by side the two units there were several differences in the bowl and how the springs mount, but this was not really critical to the lever action.

We decided to disassemble the airtex pump, as my AC was already disassembled and compare the parts. The only differences in the pump armatures that we could find (that made a difference) was the fork that connected the pivot arm to the pump shaft. The AC pump was smooth while the Artex had a stamped bump in it. The bump is what was limiting the travel in my application. See pictures.

We elected to reassemble the Airtex 570 pump except we used the fork from the AC pump. This allowed the clearance we needed and the pump worked.

I hope this helps someone in the future.


Stamped bump in Airtex 570



Difficult to see, but there is actually about 1/4" difference in the elevation of the 2 pump arms. the one on the left is the airtex, the other is my original AC