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Continental Red Seal Engine

Marv Hoebing

I have a 1963 simplex scooter with a AA7 B618 red seal need info parts availability such as points and condenser the original points are missing also how to time point cam was loose but still with unit

Craig A

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Re: Continental red seal engine

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I moved your question to the scooter forum.

Dick DeBuse

I'm guessing your Simplex scooter is a "Compact Senior C" like the one Nevr-Enuf-Stuff posted under "Scooter/Minibike ID". The number you gave is the block casting for an 1100 Series Continental engine. The timing procedure is posted under "Continental AU85 no start" by oldmotorette, and the Continental ID procedure is posted under "Continental Engine" by Jim Hilgartner. Simplex used modified Continental Model 1120 engines on those bikes. 1120s are a later model of the AU10 engines. They have the Contex ignition, which has the points located under the flat top box on top of the engine. Point gap is .020". The breaker cam is an integral part of the engine cam axle. If you're missing the breaker cam, you're missing the whole cam axle shaft. These engines are modified with a larger intake manifold, larger carburetor, and long dwell cam to produce 6 hp instead of 4.25. They have the lighting generator system (with shroud-mounted capacitor). Continental part nos are AA7-M-2990 points and AA7-M-2980 condenser which are common to all Contex ignitions. I recall that some automotive points and condensers will interchange. Parts for these "square block" engines are harder to find than earlier models. You should have a Maximatic torque converter drive.

Dick DeBuse

NAPA listed the points as Primeline 7-01001 or Echlin CS753 and the condenser as Primeline 7-01307 or Echlin FA66
The Echlin numbers interchange with all Ford engines 1949-53 plus Ford 240, 300 6 cylinder 1952-63. Lots of them on ebay. Point & condenser kit is Echlin FAK100SM.
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