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Coolspring 2005 Summer Show Photos

George & Helen Myers

In Memory Of Helen
Last Subscription Date
Steve, you do the best Show reporting of anybody I know. You are good but how did you take the pictures in the future. Check the dates on your page.
Just joshing you about the dates. That is the sort of things us old folks do.....Helen

Tom Winland

Last Subscription Date
I'm surprised a picture of my nose didn't show up LOL :D

Most anyone that was at Coolsprings knows what I mean. :(

Tom Winland

Steve Barr

Last Subscription Date
Helen - My computer got caught in the time space continium and jumped a week ahead...I had to manually slow it down and correct the error...

Tom - I didn't get a picture of your attempt at self cosmetic surgery. Maybe you can discuss that here some time :eek:

Rex - I didn't know which ones were yours...I didn't take a picture of my stuff either (except it is in the background in one of the pictures.

Mike Rohrer

Last Subscription Date
I was up on Saturday for the first time. Thanks for the great pictures. I met some very nice people from all over the country. I look forward to coming back next year, with something to show.

Dick Welty


I am glad that there is another Time Traveler in this group but how come I didn,t see you at the 2192 first and last annual Time Traveler Convention.

As you Know there is no need to have more than one for us Time Travelers.

:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: