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Coolspring and Noah (the Ark)

Tom Schaech

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Returned early from Coolspring as nature decided to test show attendees with their ability to tread water...and I mean LOTS of it. Been going there a long time and don't remember seeing the creek actually take a short cut across the grounds and dump on the other end of the oxbow. But, it did this year. Apparently a strong wind-kicked storm blew through Tuesday and dropped a large walnut tree on the grounds as well as creating logjams along the stream. The thunderstorm we had Wednesday night was pretty impressive as well.

Did get to visit with friends on Wednesday despite the nasty weather, which is always a good thing. Unfortunately, the water logging rendered about a fourth of the show grounds useless.

Definitely has not been a good year for me to attend shows. First, the downpours and low temps at Portland swap, now this...:shrug:


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It had dried out considerably by the time I got there on Friday. Although still very muddy, there were people set up all the way down to the lower end. The exhaust pit for Windy City was full of water, making for some interesting water explosions when she fired.

Mike Monnier

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I think the Rodfather was having fun shooting water all over that end of the drive.:D