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CoolSpring june 2015 show Questions,


Is there activities going on all three days?? A friend and I will be coming down for the first time.Getting excited! Thanxs,

Woody Sins

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Hi, K12
There will events going on all three days. This year, as you may know, is the Flame Expo, which will feature early flame ignition engines from all over the US, Canada, and the world. We are also featuring "Centennial" engines, which include engines made before 1900.

Events include: Running of flame ignition engines all three days, which include the Otto-Langen atmospheric engine, 2 HP Schleicher-Schumm, Sombart, and a 1/2 HP and Piano Base Crossley on semi permanent display in the museum. A presentation on flame ignition will be given by Wayne Grenning Thursday evening, followed by a book signing, the running of all known Crown pumping engines on Friday evening. We also plan on a running of toy flame ignition engines. Other flame ignition engines will be run throughout the show.

Other events will include scheduled runs of museum engines, including the Snow engine, Miller engine, Windy city exhibit, Bessemer air lease, 1883 Daimler prototype replica and a presentation on the history of early engines by Wayne Grenning in the Susong building.

I don't know the exact schedules of these events, indeed, some have not been set yet. I also, no doubt, missed a few significant items. Special events will be announced over the PA system during the show, and posted on bulletin boards on the grounds. Engines will be running throughout all three days. If you've never been to the Coolspring Power Museum, it is well worth the trip. I've been going annually when possible for 30+ years.