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Corliss - Eloda Ray Plans


I'm learning about how to use this forum. I have an original set of Eloda Ray plans, however, they are genius for THAT time, 1946, they would be viewed today as completely unacceptable. I love these plans and would like to frame them all, however, to use them is awful. The standards for drawings, however unbelievable this is, were not created until 1972! Anyway, the Eloda Ray drawings have multiples of the same dimensions which clogs the drawings something terrible. In a few places there are poor dimensions or maybe even missing dims. Anyway, I have redrawn them into something readable. Also, (not ER's fault) there are a couple parts that can easily be made into one part which I updated. I thimk that amateurs had less access to mills than we do today and so it might have been necessary to do some things in two parts. This doesn't really seem plausible, however, to me. I machined the crank bed on a face plate and that was certainly a standard technique for peeps withou

I have been trying to find out exactly who Eloda Ray was. If you have information on this, I would like to know--just curiosity about someone who is so obscure that could have done these wonderful drawings and then seems to have simply disappeared.