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Onan: Corona (not beer) Virus and Generators - a question


I suggest that you rethink your relationship with some of the people who are billing you. Faced with the choice of waiting a while longer for payment, or losing your patronage, some will probably opt to wait.
I’ve gotten emails in the past week from all of my credit cards, my bank, and my credit union. All had a similar theme of “were all in this together, please call us if you are in a jam because we can help you”.

Some of this will be bankster thinking of “paying late is better than paying never”, and some is probably legit “we want to help these people that are hurting through no fault of their own”. Either way, I think pretty much every creditor out there is willing to work with people impacted by the current crisis.


slip knot

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or the credit card companies are hoping you'll float your debt thru them for the next few months..... at 35% interest.


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The credit card is going to be one of the first things on the "Not paying this" list when and if that time comes. My credit score can blow me. This is survival.

len k

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I had a credit card in the 80's. I just used it for normal stuff I always bought, when I got statement I was surprised by the numbers.. Was a pain to have to save all the receipts and balance statement every month so I stopped using it. Cash was easier. Then after a year or so they canceled the card for non-use.

Suppose I should get card as a convenience, since everything mail-order wants one. But I haven't bothered.
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