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Crank Straightening

Kevin O. Pulver

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Search The Archives here for crank straightening and you might decide to do it yourself right on the engine.
I don't know of anybody that finds it cost-effective to pull the flywheels and ship the crank across the country.
Probably your best bet is to find somebody local that will do it on the engine.

Kevin Weis

Any good local automotive machine shop should be able to do that. They would likely want it off the engine and flywheels off though.


Active member
I've straightened three in my lifetime. 62 years Young now.
Anyway, two were simple lawn mower shafts that hit stumps or something. One was a throttled Fairbanks dishpan.
In all three cases, I set up v-blocks, actually made them from hardwood as that is was I had on hand.
used a dial indicator and figured out the runout, put in the press, tweaked and re-checked several times.
Once I had them where I figured was right, installed the flywheels, checked the for runout and they were looking pretty darn good. None of them vibrated or had any issues when running.
Sometimes ya just do what you think is right.
If the crank is twisted also, you are pretty much screwed with a common mower engine. Seen that happen once, could not hold a flywheel key in that one.