Cretors Model D. The real deal or not quite?

Andrew Mackey

Up for sale? Auction? Looking for a nice engine to purchase? Is nice looking, too bad the popcorn wagon isnt with it! Thanks for the pix.

Gil Garceau

The serial number should be on the front tag, the steam chest cover, on the end of the cylinder bore (remove head to see). It should also be on the casing for the worm drive on the back. The manifold on the governor is correct but the throttle wheel doesn't look right. Bob Pearson (Kansas) will likely be able to tell you by the number who bought it new, where, and when it was delivered.
Definitely the real deal.


Duey C

Looks like the valve is just missing the insulating wire loops. :)
Very nice engine.
I have the less valuable painted with plated flywheel type and copper jacketed cylinder. But think it's more attractive. :)


Did anyone go to this auction and know the prices that stuff brought? I was planning on going, but when my alarm went off at 2:00 a.m. for the 5 1/2 hour drive to Kewaskum, my old body said nope, not happening. I am mainly interested in what the steam engines and related brought.

Jim in Minnesota