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CSX Freightyard Framingham,Ma USA


I wandered into the CSX freight yard today and the yard master was nice enough to let me wander around and take a few pics. I'm hoping someone can help me with 2 of the cars. I have no idea what the car with the propane tank and the car with the "battering ram" on the front are for?



Active member
The machine in picture one looks like one of those jet engines that the railways use to blow and melt snow off the tracks. The Long Island Rail Road has at least one to clean off the third rail. Sounds like a very loud plane when it goes rolling slowly by. I have no idea about the other one, perhaps to pre-heat the rail for welding (pre thermite welding?)


Andrew Mackey

Dont know about the battering ram but the propane car may have been for de-icing track switches during ice storms. NJ transit has similar cars until they installed automated de-icers along certain corridors.

Brian Lynch

The 3rd pic, the "battering ram" is a snowplow. It was placed in front of motive power and cleared the ROW.

Brian Lynch

That Snow Jet really gets it. I love the sound of high speed rotating elements spooling up. Brings back memories of my days on a high speed test floor!

I like oldstuff

Between the Detroit driving the sno-jet and the jet engine, that has to be the noisiest machine on the planet! I'd think you'd have to be on the company's shit list to be assigned to running that machine.