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Cushman "Bean Special" Cub


HI, Here are some pics of my Cushman Cub. Reading back through old posts on the subject of paint colors, I'm not sure what the "correct" colour is for this model Anyone help with this please. One guy asked if anyone else had one with the "splined" crank, as You can see, mine has one of those, and no "Knucklecracker" handle in the flywheel. It also has some blue paint in places too. I'm guessing, with the High number and the aluminum tag, that this is a "late" engine. Any guidance with an approximate year would also be welcome. Thanks. Charles.



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I have seen them painted Red,Green and even Grey.I have seen the odd one painted blue

Arlie Levy

Yours happens to be a 3hp. Red is probably the color it was. It made a difference as to what piece of equipment it was used for. Each company had it own colors. Good luck

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I would guess year late 20s to 30s.

Andy Williams

looks like it was blue when new to me but as said they were painted all different colors. i have a few and here are the original colors. one was green with red trim, another all gray, another all blue, another one kind of gray blue and the sears farm master version bright red. i have seen yellow and black ones too.

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Also as arlie said i think it is a 3 hp and the later ones were re rated as a 4 with the hopper extension. I read the last ones were sold in the early 1950s