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Cushman Binder 4hp

Ret AF

After a year and a half, I finally completed my project. I purchased the engine at an auction in Oct. 2015 - it had a frozen piston and broken timing gear. Thanks to this website I found the parts I needed and the help of a good machine shop to hone the cylinder for the new piston. The cart wheels were purchased at Florida Flywheelers show, the battery / buzz coil box at a flea market, the milk can and gas tank from a buddy in Titusville, Florida. The rest of it was many trips to the hardware store. Until I get the Schebler Carborator rebuilt, I'm running it with a Tillotson carb. First time start was only a few turns until it fired - I'm going to be 68 years old soon and can still start it myself!![/ATTACH]