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Cushman Cub 2 hp Carb Issue

Dave Neal

I recently brought home a Massey Harris model 14, eng # 6540,750 rpm. These specs are from the brass tag. Upon research I believe this is a Cushman Cub manufactured for Massey Harris. The carb, or fuel mixer, is a puzzle and has been significantly damaged and I would like to replace it. I believe it is made from magnesium or some other metal. I found one on "Engineadds"and I believe they are associated with SmokStak. The puzzle is that my carb and "intake manifold" are threaded--1- 1/2 inch diameter and 18 tpi. The carb on engine adds is brass but appears NOT to be threaded.
Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks

Nathan K.

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Re: Cushman Cub 2 hp carb issue

Hi Dave.
They used both threaded and smooth carbs not really interchangable. How is yours damaged, maybe it can be repaired?,

Andrew Mackey

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Re: Cushman Cub 2 hp carb issue

The 'pot metal' (zinc alloy) that Cushman used for their carbs was a crappy metal. It distorted with age, was very brittle (tended to break), and it developed stress fractures that rendered them useless. You might try a want ad in the Engin-ads section of the Stak, or see if one of our engine parts sponsors has a replacement. Good luck!:O