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Cushman Model C Carb Parts Needed!


Good day guys.. im looking for a float for my cushman model C 4 HP engine. and possibly a complete schebler carb. Any ideas where to find pieces and parts for these model C s?? Any help is greatly appreciated! thnx Ben :):crazy:

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Re: CUSHMAN MODEL C Carb Parts needed!

Hit and Miss Enterprises has the float (expensive). I saw a schebler on E-bay a while ago - also check Engineads.


ok thnx guys:)

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oh and one more thing will any oiler from any hit and miss engine work? and what model of schebler carb is on these? i cant seem to find any model on mine. thanks :)


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Schebler D carburetors, Please note that the Schebler Carbs are sized by Pipe thread size NPT of where the carb screws onto the manifold. This is not the outside diameter of the threads; this is the pipe thread size NPT. This is taken off Otto Gas Engine Works web page.

You may want to use an oiler with a check ball