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Cushman Models and sizes


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Has anyone put together a list of the different stationary engines that Cushman has put out? I really want to try and get some of the engines that Scott C. is selling but I would like to get a better idea of the various models.

There is the Cushman Cub but what hp were cubs made in? I have a 4 hp and I have seen 2 hp and 3 hp and a larger 5 or 6 hp Cub. Was there a Cub that was smaller than 2 hp?

There is the Model X but I do not know what horse power it was available in.

There is the binder engines (Model R I think) that were 4 hp. Also the twin cylinder vertical in 8 hp, and 15hp. I think there was a larger variant. Maybe one between 8 & 15 hp?

I have seen some other Cushman models but am not sure what the model number would be.

Not thinking about scooter engines like the husky or other small air-cooled.

Would love to see some photos of oddball cushmans that you might have.

-Steve J


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Steve this is what we have put together for the cubs
2R12 2HP
3R20 3HP
4R30 4HP
R12B 2HP
R12 2HP
R8 1-1/2HP
R9 2HP
R14 2HP
R2 3HP
R5 3HP
R20 3HP
R20B 3HP
R4 4HP
R6 4HP
R30 4HP
R30B 4HP
R40 5HP

(B) normally designates Bean tagged engine. Massey Harris used the same numbers R14 R20 R30 (R40 ?)
We are not certain of how Sears designated their engines under the Farm Master tag

A Cub Pumper is designated as model A4-R12

Cub centrifugal pumps were designated as
Model 90 2R2 2hp
Model 90 3R3 3hp
Model 90 4R4 4hp

This is our Cub list we have compiled so far. All additional input is welcome. The description's (not listed) we have can very from extensive to just the HP


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Here is another list of all the engines that we have found and have evidence of.

Model 21 Type X 1 1/2HP (Battery ignition, Old style hopper)
Model 21 Type X 1 1/2HP (Rotary Mag, Old style hopper)
Model 21 Type X 1 1/2HP (WICO EK Mag, New style hopper)
Model 25 Type WH 2 1/2HP
Model 25 Type WR 3HP

Model C 3HP (Embossed Head, Solid Base, Internal governor)
Model C 3HP (Embossed Head)
Model C 4HP (Embossed Head)
Model C 4HP (May be equipped with a Dixie M1 mag, or with a Bosch FX1 mag and radiator in a "Unit")
Model C1 4HP
Model C7 4HP (Equipped with WICO EK and radiator "Unit")
Model C8 4HP (Equipped with WICO EK and radiator "Unit")
Model C12 4HP (This is also a "Unit" with radiator but it has a square gas tank and the radiator hangs over the fly wheel where as the C7, C8 and Model C Unit all have the Radiator mounted over the rear of the engine or water pump side and have a round gas tank)
Model C33 5HP
Model C34 5-6HP (some of these were sold to Massey Harris)
(we know at some point they changed the heads and crank cases and some of the late ones around the 30's have ball bearings and are rated at 5-6HP, this also happens to be about the time Charles Ammon came into the picture)

Model 44 8HP
Model 80 8HP (Oil Pump)
(Both of these came in the option of Units also, Depending on when they were built they used a combo of Schebler and Kingston carbs and could also be equipped with a Dixie M2 or Bosch FX2 Mag)

Model 45 10HP ( these also came with the option of being a Unit)

Model E35 6-12HP (some of these were sold to Massey Harris, they have a flat bot on head rather than the "jug head" the previous engines used)

Model 56 15HP
Model ?? 20HP

If any one else has any Cushman engines with odd model or serial #'s PLEASE post. We would love to hear what info every one has and please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes.
Thanks, Galen.

Andrew Mackey

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I had a model 44 8 HP that was battery and coil set up. It could be set to run on buzz coils, or with a timing adjustment, be run on modern single spark coils. It was a 3 digit S/N, starting with 5. I do not have the engine anymore, and do not remember the rest of the S/N. It had the Schebler carb.

Randy Kvill

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The Reynolds-Alberta Museum has a model 77 20 hp twin cylinder vertical. It is serial number 19.

Don't have a good picture of it right now,, maybe later.



Hey Randy, if you get a few photos of that 20 in the museum, I would like to see a close up of the magneto impulse trip. Mine is serial 141 and that's one question I can't seem to answer. Thanks!

Bob Whitney

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Cushman also started out building 2 cycle engines. Mine don't have model numbers but I have HP's

2 cycle stationarys

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Cushman also started out building 2 cycle engines. Mine don't have model numbers but I have HP's

2 Cycle Stationarys
3 and 6 hp, water cooled, horizontals
I have a 3 hp

2 Cycle Marine
Single Cylinder, 2, 3, & 5 hp
Twin Cylinder, 8, & 14 hp
I have an unusual 7 hp with a removable head.
Also have single 2 hp

2 Cycle Air Cooled.
Mod 2, Type A, 1/2 hp
Came off a Rue washing machine.
No tag? Its differant than the WM, has a 4/1 gear rediction with a clutch for chan drive.
Came off a Bob-A-Lawn lawn mower.:wave:


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Jon I'll split the gas!!! as many times as we looked at your 20 and 15 we did not get model numbers can you send them to us.
Also we know that there is at least two and most likely three models of twenties one with single ignition one with dual ignition and one with ball bearing mains normally marked heavy duty or H series. Yes steve that awesome 10hp is a heavy duty. more to come kp

Jon Dorman

Galen, That would be a fun trip. I was thinking the same thing about collecting serial #'s for the 20's. I'll get what I can & we'll compare at Denmark. I should be able to bring the big girls over to that show. George should have his 15 going then also!


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Jon in the manual I have for the 15, 20 and heavy duty engines it shows that the only thing that is different for the Splitdorf Dixie on the 20's is the "Mag Coupling" (Not the starter). The "Mag Coupling Starter" is the same for the engines from what I am reading. I think they are reffering to the impulse maybe? If you want I can send you our mag and all the literature you wanted since I keep forgetting to get you a picture of our mag.

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Bob here are more of the early engines. This is what I am getting out of one of my catalogues. It is called "the Cushman 2-cycle gas engine. stationary, auto and marine."
Stationary W/ base and governor
No.2 90lbs 1000RPM 1 1/2HP
No.3 150lbs 850RPM 3HP
No.5 275lbs 650RPM 6HP

No.3 125lbs 1000RPM 4HP
No.5 200lbs 750RPM 7HP

No.2 50lbs 1200RPM 2HP
No.3 100lbs 1000RPM 4HP
No.5 180lbs 750RPM 7HP
175lbs 8HP

It also says that there is an air-cooled motor that they used on railway tricycles. Says it ways roughly 60lbs but does not give a HP or anything else.


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This is what it says in another book that I have on the early engines. Its called "Cushman Motors. The Power Behind the Boat"
No.2 2HP
No.3 4HP
No.5 7HP
No.23 8HP
No.25 14HP


The first book I list info from is earlier than this is what I am thinking. There are some letters listed in the books that have dates. One letter is from 1903 and the rest are 1904. The majority of the early engines that we have listed are included in the letters.


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Scott I've been hoping to hear from you, I got a feeling you know more poop about this subject than we do, or are you folks in Neb. still buried in the snow.
Steve A we found your picture of the tag, almost certain yours is a heavy duty. If you let us know if it has ball bearing mains that would solve it.
So if anyone was wondering how Cushman defined a unit (been asked that), if a name plate has a U in the model or serial number it would have most likely been a unit. A unit would have been self contained with a radiator (not a cooling tank) gas tank and magneto, on skids. You also must realise that so many of these C series engines have been bastardised and thrown together from many engines that it is uncertain what options were on what engine.
Another little tid bit (all Cushman single cylinder engines look the same) from a distance yes, however the early C series crankcases have a round (camel)back across the back behind the oil lines, newer engines we believe 1914ish are flat across the back of the crankcase, behind the oil lines, serial numbers suggest this.

Bob Whitney

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JD, KP, GP; Your welcom to come visit. If you come this week with the temp in the minus side and wind chill 20 - 30 below. You can help me put all the Balls back on the Brass Monkey on the Gun Deck. I am ready for warmer weather any day.

I was thinking we should get together and set up a Cushman Connection at Portland this year.:wave:


Hi Cushman guys;

I know this is an old post but I have an antique shop and my son-in-law brought me this engine to sell for him that he knows nothing about other than he heard it run 5 years ago. I have a couple questions. The larger tag reads..

Bean Special Cub
Engine No. 57679
Model 1 5 R B
3 HP

Then there is smaller tag on the side of the water compartment that reads 12-19 .. would that be month/year made? Also on the cast iron base, is that a 2 compartment for oil and gas? I see there is plugs on both ends.

I thought it would be fun to see if I could get it running, is it just a matter of fresh gas, oil and hand choking until it starts? Also there is a lever inside one of the wheels on the mag side, would that be timing? and which position should it be to start?

Thanks SB

Kelly Barnett

Well, "stovebolt", the way I see that engine. I would put a price of $150-250 on it. There are a few reasons for valuing it in that range. You mention it hasn't ran in about 5 years. The fuel system will need attention to clean it up. The magneto might or might not work. Might only take cleaning the points to get to work or it might be well over $100 in parts to fix if more. And it is only on skids, wheels under them make a huge difference in how easy it is to move around. I welcome other opinions of the value of it. But that is what I would say. I hope that you find a good home for it. They make great starter engines for people getting into the hobby we have for old iron.