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Danny/Daddy Claxton And The Courts Of Alabama

Bud Tierney

So---have historians/enthusiasts et al ever came to any real meeting on the minds on this part of Roy Acuffs Wabash Cannonball??
Danny could be a young Daniel, who, with the passage of time, could've became Daddy Claxton, and since it appears to've been an old family name, some real person...
The "...and always be remembered 'round the Courts of Alabam..." brings to mind a Country Lawyer or homespun legal scholar or advisor who may or may not've been recognized or accepted by the local Courts, or some State Law Enforcement or Judicial official who dealt with various Courts around the State, or even a lifelong minor irritating perpetrator (moonshiner/smuggler??)......
I'm sure it's been gone into extensively; just another fascinating question I don't have time to plunge into...

Alan New

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Claxton was Roy’s middle name. I heard or read that one of his grandfathers somewhere in his family tree was the real “Daddy Claxton”.

Bud Tierney

That article's a fascinating recap of the songs history; I hadn't heard of the southern farmers problems with RR in general, but'd read, in the past, various accounts of the same problems in the North, so it was no great surprise...'The train "theft" certainly seems to fit one interpretation of Roy's set of lyrics, "...carrying on to victory..." could be victory over the RR's economic strangleholds...
Yes, I was aware of Roy's middle name; does seem to indicate a family connection with Rr problems...
Many thxx for replies!!