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Dayton 3CZ15A with 3 cyl. diesel engine


Hi all,
I just picked up this unit, not sure if this is the right forum. It has a one liter 3 cylinder diesel that may be Asian? I have the manual, but it doesn't say who the manufacturer is. The wiring compartment appears to have been home to chipmunks. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. The previous owner said he received it as new, but never installed it or ran it. Other than to start the engine last week.
Thanks, Dave



Okay, as soon as I posted I saw that several others had postings for their Dayton/Generac 8kw generators. Which is apparently what my unit is. I'll read further and see if I can find more info on the engine. If I can figure out how I'll move my post to the correct forum.

Birken Vogt

That would be the common Shibaura engine used in some forms to this day. S753 I think you will find cast into the block below the fuel filter.

Pretty good unit for the most part. It takes some hunting to find some parts but not quite an orphan.


Thanks for the engine ID, S753 is cast into the block. I'll start hunting for parts (availability). The generator was never hooked up, but time ,weather and critters have damaged the wiring for the control panel.


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I owned an identical Dayton 8kw just like yours. It was a good set. It is a Shibaura engine, mine ran well. Mine needed a water pump when I got it and not knowing, I bought it through Generac and paid $430.00 for it! Found out later that I could buy a FORD tractor same pump, 1/3rd the price. One issue I could never get rid of was that when I had incandescent lights plugged into it, I couldn't get rid of the flicker, even with adjusting the voltage regulator flicker feature.