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DC Motor Question


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I have been contemplating building a electric garden tractor from parts for a long time . I want a hydrostatic transmisson and have 1 from a large cub cadet late model that was made to pull heavy stuff.
The old E8 and E 10 Electracs I have use a shunt stabilized dc motor. the deck motors are Pm motors.
Now,I don't understand alot of what that means.
The E8 and E 10 do not use a speed control on the motor, it is simply turned on or off. In my application I would be using the transmission for speed and direction.

I am thinking a 3 hp unit should work but am having trouble understanding shunt wound,shunt stabilized and so forth.

Can someone give me a bit of schooling? I would apprciate it.


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Re: dc motor question

I'd check wikipedia for the shunt motor info. Myself I'd look into the DC motors and controllers used in the electric scooter field. Try http://tncscooters.com or even ebay for parts. I know tncscooters offers free download of data sheets for any of the controllers they sell.

Joe Romas

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Being limited by the limited amount of electricity stored in the battery I would start by eliminating all unnecessary power drain and instead of a hydraulic transmission opt for controlling ground speed I would use PWM (pulse width modulation) on the motor. I believe that's how electric scooters and the like are operated. In PWM the power is electronically switched on and off in in varing rates to control speed and saving power.

Elden DuRand

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I agree with Joe. Hydrostats are power hogs. The trade with them is that you have continually variable speed.

A PWM controller is the way to go. You might find what you want on Ebay. There are a lot of imports out there that should do the job.