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Delco 1278

Mobile Mechanic

Well I finally got it home and doing a little bit of research I have myself adelco 1278 I was wondering if anybody knew some more about this particular power plant I know it's got the fuel pump in it and it can be run off a governor for just the belt work but I'm also really looking for maybe some valve springs and keepers the one looks like it's broke it's not stuck but it doesn't move a whole lot so any help would be great and manual would be also great to thank you for your help guys have a very merry Delco Christmas

David Babcock

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Ive got one too. If you wanted to see another one, iam only about 40 miles from you. Db.

Mobile Mechanic

Right on David.. that sounds like a good plan to me.. I know with the holidays coming up it might be busy.. pm me when you get some time and I would love to get a good look at it..


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I have reprint manual for sale.
We also have some parts for sale.
And we have a Facebook page if you are interested in joining it.