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DC Light Plants Delco 752 replacement valves


Is there a good source of intake valves for this engine? I see that the model T valves are almost a perfect fit for the exhaust, but is there a source for the smaller diameter intake valves (without a lot of grinding/shaping to fit).

Ottos hooked me up with rings, so hopefully once I get my valves fit, I just have some minor wiring to repair to get mine running.
My local NAPA dealer used to be able to order any size valve you could think of from a multi page list. Stem, head and length were all given and they weren't expensive at all. Recently they stopped offering this service, but a real "hard parts" engine rebuilder should be able to get them easily.

Are you sure the heads are different sizes? I find that a bit hard to believe as any manufacturer would keep the parts uniform to simplify construction. My 850 took model T valves (oversized stems) in both the intake and exhaust.