Delco Battery Shipping Crate


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Just picked this up and was curious if anyone has or has seen another one of these.
It looks awfully nice to be a shipping crate. I suspect it’s actually a battery rack intended to hold the batteries together while they’re in service. Four “battery holes”, could be an 8v string (2v cells), 16v string (4v batteries), 24v or 32v string (with 6v or 8v batteries). I know those last two were common voltages.

Lindsey publications used to have a reprint of an old book about batteries for rural lighting and vehicles. I have a copy around somewhere, not sure if I can find it though. I wouldn’t be surprised if that book might have this in one of the pictures.



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Re: Delco battery shipping crate

One of the wife's relatives was really into generating his own power, had an expensive wind generator and had an enormous supply of those glass jar batteries, he would even weld with the battery pack. he had a few of those boxes to keep the battery banks in. After the wind felled his home made tower, he got a couple of old Delco power units to charge the batteries, later he tried to set up a steam generator, but never got it going. Good thing as he would have killed someone with that junk boiler setup.


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I have one, but don’t have any photos of it right now. Most of these crates have the top coming to a point so they could never be placed upside down. Looks like the points on yours have been cut off. Here’s a photo of one just like mine.


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Most Delco lite plants were 32 VDC. The batteries were set in racks to keep them off concrete floors, and prevent the glass battery cases from being chipped or broken. Nice find!


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Thanks to all - now it looks like I need a Delco in my collection.