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Delco Light 2-b-12 200 watt 12 volt?


Hi i live in the u.k. and have recently been given an old single cylinder petrol generator and was looking to find some history on it.:confused: Internet searches list higher voltage (32v) and higher wattage units (circa 4-600w) the name/ident plate lists the following :-DELCO LIGHT;SERIAL No 41675 ;SERVICE No 5067829;MODEL 2-B-12 ;200 WATTS; 12VOLTS. Following an hour or so of "tinkering and adjusting the engine started and ran, the 80 amphour battery attached received a charge of 10 amps but the terminal voltage was in excess of 17 volts.Any advice /history etc. would be most welcome as this is the first of it's kind I have seen

K D Redd

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The ONLY thing I know of Delco's is from reading Delco Don's post, He has not been around lately, but I think the only voltage regulation is engine speed. Try slowing the engine down.


Don C. Wiley

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I've been around, you're just not looking at the right forum. You're right about the engine speed. The faster a DC generator runs the more voltage it produces.

Check out the inclosed picture from my owners manual. Your Intake tube should look some thing like the picture. The screw 142650 locks the shaft after you adjust the speed with 4040396. The seventeen volts you mentioned won't hurt too much, but it's a bit too much for a 12 volt battery. The ideal voltage will be between 13-1/2 to 14 volts. The 17 volts will heat the battery some and charge at a faster rate.

Contact me off line and I can give you more information about the owners manual. You can PM or e-mail me by clicking on my name and using the drop down menue.

"DELCO DON" :p;)Southern Illinois :O:shrug:


John Newman Jr.

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Please note that the original post was made nearly 10 years ago. The two gentlemen that responded are both deceased. The original poster has never posted again since this one.