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Delco Light Plant 850


Hi everybody!
I've bought a delco light plant engine, model 850, in France, and I couldn't find a manual for it. Could someone give me some tips on where to find various manuals on that type of engine?
Thanks in advance for your help!
Best regard jls


Re: delco light plant 850

Delco Don who has lots of information on these should be able to help you .Im sure he will see your post soon good luck.:D

Don C. Wiley

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E-mail me direct and I can help. Go to members list and click on my name or click on my name in any post and the drop down will give you the option to e-mail or PM. It will save some time if you use the e-mail function.

Contact me off line and I think I have every thing you will ever need to know about the Model-850 Delco-Light generator. Please e-mail me a picture of it first so I can make a positive ID.