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Delco Light Plant-a first hand account

Leonard Keifer

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I'm reading my Grandfather's diaries. Here are some entries from 1931 when he bought his Delco Light Plant:
Aug 31, 1931 Hauled load lumber in a.m. Painting Well house in p.m. bought Delco light plant this evening. Weather fair.
Sept 02 Rained all day, hard at times. I was digging out foundation and making forms for delco plant
Sept 08 Put in cement for foundation for Delco.
Sept 10 Went to Pittsburgh. Scott, Etta, Perry, George and I went in Scotts ford. The men were here wiring the house for the Delco. Weather fair and hot.
Sept 11 Hauled two loads lumber from Ruck Mill. Men finished wiring house. Perry went home today. Weather awful hot, fair
Sept 12 Took Frances over to Strains, left her there. I took load Wheat down to Dad. When I came home the men were here installing our new Delco, it sure is fine.

My father remembers my Grandfather bought my Grandmother a 32 volt mixer and iron to use with the system.

The light plant was gone before I came along although I seem to remember some of the battery jars being around when I was a kid.