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Delco Light Plant-How do I clean top of Glass Batteries?



I am looking for help on cleaning the corrosion off the rods that connect the 16 Square glass batteries wired to a 1923 Fuel - Kerosene 32 Volt 600 Watt generator. I am not seeing a model number on this? Where can I look to locate that at also? I am topping off the batteries with distilled water. The previous owner has passed away and I would like to keep his operation up and running during the annual show.
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Don C. Wiley

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Delco-Light didn't put the model number on the generator. Yours is probably a Model-600 or 601, depending on the cylinder fins. The copper fins are on the Model-600 and the Model-601 had cast iron cooling fins.

I would suggest to take all the lead straps loose from the batteries and clean all the straps and the posts with a fine wire brush and then apply a thin coat of vaseline after you have re-assembled them. The original directions that came with the batteries said to use vaselene petroleum jelly.

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