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Delco Light plant


Don C. Wiley

I am looking to buy a two cylinder liquid cooled Delco Light Plant.

Gus Simms

Good luck!! I've yet to see one. Let me know if you find one.

Don C. Wiley

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If you will note the date my inquiry was put on Harry's, that was nine years ago. My how time flys when you're enjoying life and a great hobby.

Since that was placed on Harry's, I've found one in really rough shape. I was very sick for about a year there, but I got it restored. Well sort of. I got it running without water in the radiator, just to make sure it would run. It has several problems, that needs some attention before I declare it "restored".

The two cylinder engine was made by Stover. Check the archives under Stover and you should find a picture of my generator and an engine just like mine. Elden Durand and his friend restored one, but it doesn't have the generator on it. http://www.oldengine.org/members/durand/stoverdv2/stoverdv2.html
Mine is a bit different, in that, it has a governor.

"DELCO DON" :p;)Southern Illinois:wave: