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Delco Light System Info Needed

Donald A Smith

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I just picked up a Delco Light system serial no 234923 It is very clean and will be running asap Iwould like to hear from a staker who has information on it Ihave never seen such a small light plant Well thank you and hope to get a reply:)

Doug Kimball

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Delco made several different models of light plants. Which model do you have?
A picture is worth a thousand words.

Don C. Wiley

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Delco-Light made at least 90 different models of generators, from the "Little Joe" 150 watts and weighs 44 pounds, to the Model-60AD1, 6000 watts and weighs 1200 pounds. You could get just about any thing in between that, from over head valves to flat heads, air cooled to liquid, automatic or manual, AC or DC.

As Doug said, with out a picture there's no hope of helping you with your question. The serial numbers won't even help because of the way they numbered them. They might make 5000 Model-850's this week and next week make 5000 Model-600's, or 750's, or 752's or ------------what ever and the serial numbers kind of ran straight through the system, so we don't know if your serial number is what model. A PICTURE IS THE ONLY WAY, and then it can be a bit tricky making the exact match, because of the battery or controls that went with that perticular unit.

Post at least two pictures and we can help, guranteed.

"DELCO DON":p ;) :) Southern Illinois:shrug:


Don, I just found this link to you and have been advised you may be able to help me. Please check out my 1930's Delco light system posts and if you send me a private message I will email you some pictures.

Chuck S.

I just picked up one recently. Member Don C. Wiley has copies of owners manuals for your light plant.

Chuck S.