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Delco Lightplant questions


I am in the process of resurecting a Delco 850 light plant and have a couple questions:

1) What if any head gasket do they use? I have removed the head off of 3 and only found small traces of what may have been a seal ring, but not all 3 had it. So need to know what to use if anything.

2) What is torque for the cylinder head bolts?

Any help would be apperciated. Delco Don helped me in the beginning with some literature, and i thankhim for that.


Mike Schweikert

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Re: Delco lightplant questions

I am working on 2 850's myself.

They use a thin copper O ring gasket. I have carefully reused them and coated them with coppercoat. They are a factory part.

I have also cut a ring out of conventional gasket material and got away with it. As long as it can hold compression and isnt materially thicker than the original, it is not a big deal. They were low compression engines anyway. I suspect folks assumed there wasnt one there, and did not bother to replace it.

As for head tourque, I used my common sense, and did not get gorilla on them. It works for me, It runs just fine.


Don C. Wiley

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The original head gasket was a double copper gasket with asbestos in the middle of it. Just like a big sparkplug gasket. As long as it didn't leak compression, any sealing material will work. I don't know of any place to get an original gasket. If the surfaces were good and clean a home made gasket out of the new fake asbestos material will work. No gasket at all might work and would increase compresion a little, that wouldn't hurt any thing.

I would torque the bolts around 40 ft lbs. I do as Mike does torque mine by feel.

I have been out of the "loop" for about two months with an illness, but am coming back little by little.

I also have copies of manuals for the 850 and if you will e-mail me, I can give you the particulars on that.