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Detroit 3 Hp early style


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I thought I would share this engine and story...
A club member and old engine friend of mine had an auction not too long ago. It was a bust! There weren't the buyers needed and many items got passed. Well I did buy a couple of things and had planned to come up at a later date to pick up my iron. I get there and visit and deals were struck and I brought home 4 more engines. One is this Detroit.
I got them home and of course I needed to start them. Why would I mess with this stuff? unless I can hear them run. Some are easy, some are a challenge. A couple of these were older restorations and I had seen one of them run a long time ago.
So yeah I get the Detroit going pretty easy because I have messed with em. The interest in this critter is, it's an early style.....like the ones before 1915-16.
So this is good, but I can see a bunch of things that need change and it doesn't have an original tag.
I remember an ad on good old eBay, so I go look it up. Still there and by the pictures the stuff I need.
So I make an offer and bam! I am the new owner. I get with the seller and come to find out this engine belonged to an old customer of mine back in the seventies. Old car guy....I ran a machine shop. And about 10 years ago he looked me up because he got this engine. I had sent him a copy of my manual and gave him some pointers on how to make them run.
It would have been a good reunion, but his son was selling his dads stuff for the mom.....he passed away.
So the parts were so much better, but I am not one for breaking up....piecing out parts. I like to keep it together. But looking it over it was not worth doing. cracked cylinder and badly pitted. I have sleeved them before. But the piston was rusted away.
Long story short. I feel this was meant to be....