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Did Saved Search Settings Change?

Craig A

Staff member
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My saved searches are set to newly listed........or WERE anyway.
All of a sudden between this afternoon and now they changed to Best Match....... :rant:

So I went again blasting ebay coders who can't leave ANYTHING alone.
I told them to let their tech staff to work on security and leave the rest of the site alone........ :headbang:


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I noticed a couple of changes some time ago, but only when I try to view them on my crApple iPhone.

One change is just as you say- they always default to Best Match. Irritating.

The other change- one of my searches always returns zero listings lol.

They both work just fine on the PC.

Most of my searches get less than 12 hits each day, so I don't look beyond the email that comes each morning for those.



Staff member
They simply cannot rest without working on something. They keep killing my eBay ad links too. :mad: