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Difference between Thread Restorer....Rethreader...and Thread Chaser???


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Thread Restorer...............Rethreader............ Thread Chaser

Looking to buy a set, as I work on a lot of old stuff... Are these different names for the same tool? Or different tools? I have taps and dies, however I understand these actually repair, or re-roll..so to speak, the material, never cutting away material..


all 3 of those are just diferent names you hear that are about...it's like GMC...georgia mud cutter. same thing. taps and die's repair or make threds and are done with soft to mild metals, sometimes hard but hard metal dulls a tap easily and can break a tap easily so extra lube and care, EXPECIALLY Paitients is needed, ya i probably spelled that wrong :crazy: real good taps are high speed steal taps but VERY expensive. well, not very, but have a mild price tag. die's chase threds, bottom taps chase threds and finish off what a starter tap left behind and ofcource starter taps start threds in a new hole. die's are opposite. hope this helps, but you may have already knew this :shrug:

Cya :wave:

John G. Simpson

3 names, 1 item. all cut metal, some less than others. only roller dies can reform threads.


""Thread Restorer...............Rethreader............ Thread Chaser ""

Hate to tell you this, but they definitely AIN'Tall the same thing!

A Restorer is a 2 bladed tool that looks a lot like a big tap wrench. It's applied to a good point in the threaded rod, and turned along the bunged up thread pushing the metal back into place. It's useful on soft steels and brass threads, and totally useless on hard materials. In the hands of an amature it's a good way to insure nobody can fix it.

A rethreader is a tool that preforms the same function as a restorer, but does the job a bit differently. The rethreader is similar in appearance to a die, BUT, is ground to push threads back into place, rather than cut threads.

A chaser is a cutting die that brings a rough cut thread or a plated thread back to dimension by cutting. Chasers are not designed to cut threads from raw stock, they have more teeth than a normal die has, so less clearance for chips to leave the die. Chasers are normally run at higher speeds than dies.

Chaser is also a nomencalture for the replacable cutting tooth component in a diehead such as a Rigid pipe machine, or even hand threading tools.


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Franz is right, all ain't same.

I does tapping & dies for years and still does, I use most is tapmatic or threading head on lathe also by hand tap/dies too. fun job. :cool:


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Question,, So, these tools, while they appear the same are actually quite different? Given my lack of experience with this method, Im assuming the Rethreader is what I should purchase?


Craftsman 40 pc. Tap and Die Set, Master Rethreader
Sears item #00952105000 Mfr. model #52105


Craftsman 48 pc. SAE & Metric Thread Restorer Kit
Sears item #00942275000 Mfr. model #971 2750



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Very good imformation here on threading. Just read it all and think about it. Some times it takes a while to sink in!!!!! Capt,n:)

Jim Thistle

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Let me add to this "THREAD" :D - don't forget the thread FILE - another very handy tool - but like all of them - patience needed!!

Ed Carry

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Snap-on has a tool with a series of combs to match the thread pitch, but it might be pricey. Also, I've picked up several antique die sets with two piece dies. Ed