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Different Disk Sander


Re purposed (salvaged :) ) this from work as it was going to go to China. 12" diameter wheels. The left side slide has an adjustable counterweight to balance the table as it swings to finish a part to size. Has graduated dials. It will be fixed as an underneath drive with the belt coming up disk sander 1.jpgfrom below. Thought it woul[/ATTACH]d get the most enjoyment here. I also have 2 grinding whels that I am going to mount on flat disks and use on the side of the wheels.



Re: different Disk sander

Congrats on grabbing and saving the grinder, a sturdy machine that will still run for a couple more generations.


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Re: different Disk sander

From the slotted table, large bearing and heavy ground(?) shaft it rotates on, I would say it was designed to have a workpeice bolted to the table then swung up against the disc manually. Sort of like an overgrown gemstone faceting machine!