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Different ignition systems


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Since the price of a magneto can sometimes count for half or even more the cost of an engine, what types of ignition have some of you guys come up with? I am always amazed at the genious of some of you guys on Smokstak. What have you used? Old car distrubutor, bar-b-que ignitor, blower motor as a generator for points? High tech stuff, low tech? Pictures help to understand. I'm looking into using one of those hand held Tazer guns for a system, (just having too much fun training the dog with it right now).

Ed Stoller

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Funny you should ask. I have a Stover CT 2 without a magneto and today I am putting together an automotive type Ignition we use on Tecumseh HH120 thru OH 160. It has a small rear earth magnet on the cam gear and a Trigger coil mounted near by. The trigger sends a pulse to a Wells CR 109 Control module which switches the conventional coil. When I get done, I plan to publish the project. Also, we put RE magnets on Ron Frosts Merry and a magnetic reed switch which feeds a points Saver to switch the coil. See http://home.earthlink.net/~edstoller/id5.html.