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Duromax 4400 Generator Issue


I have a Duromax 4400 generator. Starts and runs fine. Has 2 position switch on front, 120 only, 120/240. Don't have an adapter to check the 120/240 outlet but the 120 outlet works fine when switch is set to 120/240. When I flip the switch to 120 only the motor loads up and the breaker trips. Any idea what the issue is? I'm stumped.



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mr obvious here.....;

the switch or connection to the generator is incorrectly wired paralleling the two 120v windings out of phase [a short]
if while producing two 120 volt power, the 240 voltage is just a few volts then is is simply one winding out of phase.

don't ask further of me as I have no direct knowledge of this brand.

use caution measuring lethal voltages.