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E-bay seller unhappy with proceeds?


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A few weeks ago I "purchased" a complete grill with headlights and bezel for a mtd 990 lawn & garden tractor. I bid the starting bid and a backup bid. As there were no other bids, I won the auction for the minimum bid with free shipping. I paid for the auction and waited on the merchandise. After not receiving my merchandise and getting no response from the seller, I opened a case with e-bay. I had my money returned to my paypal account with no problem. The seller was a rather new listed account. I had bought several parts from another vendor in the same town and had no problems. Lo and behold, the day I get my money back, the seller that I had no problems with listed the grill, bezel, and headlights in 3 separate auctions. After taking the pictures and blowing them up in a photo program, they are the same parts but divided out. All the scratches and paint missing spots are identical. I guess this will curtail my e-bay purchases again. Until recently, I had not made any purchases in the past 7 years or so due to less than honest people. It seems like nothing has really changed. I just wanted to blow off steam so I can put it behind me and forget it. You'll have a great day.


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I had something similar. I bought a valve at buy it now price, as the price was good, and the seller had a good rating. Seller immediately got $$, gave me a tracking #, but after a week had not delivered it to PO, no response to my emails.

Opened a case with Ebay - they make you wait another week.

Seller told ebay he went to visit a sick relative 4 weeks ago and has not been home, no time to send my valve. I asked ebay how he was able to collect $$ and issue a tracking # a week ago if he has not been home for 4 weeks. No further response from seller. I told ebay I still wanted item.

Ebay gave my $$ back after a 3 week wait.
Saw what looks like same valve listed at a higher price with a different seller.
I left very negative feedback.


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It's just a fact of life I guess. I spent 40 years in business for my self and I don't have a past customer that will ever say he did not get a fair and square deal from me. I wrote the seller and his wife replied that he works hard at what he is doing and he wouldn't do that. Supersized pictures, however, don't lie. I actually bought it for the light bezel and I have since bought one so it is his loss for the future. I am glad to see that I am not the only person who has run in to the same problem.


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Well you both got more from Ebay or paypal than I did. I madfe a small purchase last year and waited for it to arrive. It did much later than it was promised. Complained ande all I got was Crickets chirping in the back ground.


A good deal of what I see on the Bay Sales is a game of. Three Card Monte or the Shell game.
The seller tries to maximize the bottom line by cheating the buyer in several different ways.
I've had a few disputed purchases on, or with the Bay, out of a few hundred transactions.
The fact of the matter is the Human Factor.
We need the sellers, & the sellers need the buyers. No matter what tree we pick the fruit from, we will find a few bad apples..

Skip Anderson

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I avoid e-bay like the plague. Sellers are getting terrible with their descriptions, pay-pal and e-bay are like a monopoly, shipping cost are horrible, and settlements take forever. Go to swap meets and auctions where you can look someone in the eye and also see what you are paying for. Just venting and it felt good.


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The descriptions people put on their stuff is unreal! The pictures are worse, they only show the best side, the rest should be considered junk. You can sometimes do alright on small items as they can't hide too much. One fella claimed his car had a clear title, when we went to pick it up there was no title or vin # just a paper from a repo agency! Needless to say we left it there, took a while but did get my deposit back, but was out a 600 mi round trip.