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Early Upright Engines


Re: Early Upright engines

This is great.got my first upright and was wondering what the plug on the side of cylinder was for:bonk:.Now I know:eek:.Thanks:)


Re: Early Upright engines

Hey Tom, here is a picture showing the original green and silver paint on one of my later engines. This may help Shelby and others out on the original silver color! It will also let people see first hand that Maytag did some funky stuff when it comes to colors too! I will try later to get to the one that is tan/brown, with black flywheel.

The next picture is my model C carb Maytag which came before the D carb that Tom showed (correct Tom?). Notice it has the same crankcase as the model G carb of Tom's Engine.

The final picture is my F carb Maytag, the engine is a basic crankcase mounted carburator, but this carburator is very rare!
I just noticed something about this F Carb .
It's not the same as my F carb .
The boss beside the fuel valve isn't drilled and tapped with a screw in it .
Any thoughts ?



Re: Early Upright engines

Tom I am new on smokstak & I am probably not trying to get ahold of you in the right way! but hear goes! I was told you might have a kick starter gear for a Maytag #72 two cylinder gas engine! if not do you know where I can find one? thanks

Dan Baalman

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Re: Early Upright engines

Knew a guy in Colorado that had 40 some upright engines, and all were different. Carbs, tanks, stove legs, one hps. They made a lot of variations.