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Easy Washing engine question


kelly Barnett

I was wondering something. There are a couple of engines on e-bay for sale now and I was wondering if someone could elighten me on something? The engines on e-bay have what looks like alum. flywheels and steel shroud along with a name plate on the back side of the crankcase. I have one, but the shroud is brass, the flywheel is brass, and there is no place for a name plate on the engine anywhere. What is the logic for the differences? Is mine older? And if so, how can I tell the age of it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Dan Baalman

Kelly I have had some of these and have had them with brass flywheel and shroud and aluminum flywheel and shroud. Had a parts one that had castiron flywheel. I would think the brass ones are older. I didn't record the serial nos.so can't say for sure.


I had a easy washing machine engine with a brass flywheel also. They are not very common.