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eBay and PayPal will be separate companies soon.


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eBay and PayPal will be separate companies soon. You can be confident that we're still committed to offering you seamless buying and selling on eBay. We just want to let you know about updates to the eBay User Agreement and Privacy Notice.

Our updated User Agreement and Privacy Notice take effect for new users on May 1, 2015 and on June 15, 2015 for all other users. The updated User Agreement and Privacy Notice were posted on www.ebay.com on May 1, 2015.

Key updates to the eBay User Agreement:
  • Fees, holds, returns & cancellations, and eBay Money Back Guarantee: Users now authorize eBay to instruct PayPal to make deductions from their PayPal account(s) for fees, returned items, items not as described, return shipping, cancellations (under our new cancellation policy), and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements. eBay will recommend, rather than request, when PayPal can restrict funds in a seller's PayPal account. We clarified language for holding seller funds, placing charges on a seller invoice and/or charging a payment method on file, and removing funds in a buyer's currency.
  • Authorization to contact you and record calls: We simplified and clarified the language for: (1) consent for eBay to contact you with auto-dialed or pre-recorded calls or by SMS; (2) eBay sharing phone numbers with our authorized service providers; and (3) for eBay recording/monitoring calls.
  • Agreement to arbitrate: Clarified that the laws of Utah apply to claims arising from our User Agreement unless Utah law is inconsistent with, or preempted, by Federal law. eBay will no longer pay some arbitration costs for claims greater than US$10,000.
  • Other changes: We've made updates globally to describe policies for abuse of eBay services. Users that register or use an account on behalf of a company must be authorized by that company to register or use that account. Accounts registered on behalf of a company are owned by that company. We also updated various eBay company addresses.

Key updates to the eBay Privacy Notice:
  • eBay and PayPal data sharing: An entirely new sub-section under Disclosure to cover the authorized data sharing between eBay and PayPal.
  • Contacting users via electronic means: Additional language regarding our ability to contact users via email and on mobile devices — we have added/clarified some of the language in our Use and Retention section regarding our use of some personal information (emails, mobile phone numbers) to contact users. This language is parallel to changes made in the User Agreement in this regard, and provides us additional legal protection in most of our jurisdictions, especially in the US and Canada.

Thanks for being a part of the eBay community.

Brenda S

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I just saw this last night.

Paypal changed their time to file a dispute to 180 days. The problem is that the USPS only keeps tracking info for 120 days. So the seller has no proof that it was actually delivered after the 120 days. I checked it out on Paypal's website and they say that they ask that you file a dispute within 180 days. eBay says it is a shipper problem, not their problem. Who waits 180 days for something they ordered and paid for? If I ordered something and paid for it I wouldn't wait 179 days, then say "Oh, I never got it, so I'll file a dispute." You can be sure I would do that long before 180 days. It is opening up the door for buyers to scam sellers, claiming they never received something when they did and they know that the proof that it was delivered is gone. I don't know if they would accept a print out of the tracking page as "proof of delivery" or not, but that would really be a pain to have to print out every tracking page for every item you ship and keep them for 180 days just to prove that your items were actually delivered. It looks like the "separation" of eBay and Paypal can be really convenient for any problems. "Hey, it is not OUR problem." :rant:
Brenda S :wave:

Andrew Mackey

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Hell, they won't make good in 60 days, much less than 180. Still waiting for my 2 custom wood airplanes 2 years later! Ebay and Paypal were quick to take the money, non-shipping seller kept the dough.