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I am a former Ebay user, although it has been some time since I listed or sold anything there. Maybe three years or more.

I became kind of frustrated with Ebay because of the fees and expense.

I use Smokstak and EnginesAds to place old farm equipment, hit and miss engines for sale for a long time family friend.

What are the fees like at Ebay now?

We have a business deal and he pays me a little something for my effort in selling this stuff for him.

I got away from Ebay because after they take their chunk, then he pays me a little something, it might get pricey.

What do they charge for insertion fee for typical hit and miss engine? What are the final value fees?

Any other places good for selling?


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I am a member of an Ebay seller's group We just had that discussion. Rule of thumb 15%. Plus there are fees if Paypal is used.

Ray Cardoza

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its been a few years as well since ive bought anything from there but now im finding some parts for current tractor project on there cheaper then some other places

Doug Oldenburg

I sell quite a bit on ebay & generally figure they get 15 - 20 % before they are done........between Paypal & Ebay. :shrug:


If you sell things on Smokstak, Harry should git a cut also! :clap: This sight ain't FREE! :salute:


It's been my experience that the eBay fees on the lower dollar items are around 9 1/2% and the PayPal fees around 3 1/2% for a Total of 13% of the selling price PLUS S&H on the smaller cheaper stuff.

If you have a low dollar item that's big & bulky and expensive to ship you will lose money on it because the fee on the shipping can eat up most of what you make on the item itself, where smaller more expensive items that can be shipped relatively cheap you make out OK.

Also the higher the selling price the lower the fees & commissions. If you're selling a $1500.00 or $10,000.00 item you will pay a lower percentage than on the $10.00 or $20.00 stuff. It's been a while since I sold anything real expensive, but I'm thinking it was something like $50.00 TOTAL eBay fee on my loader tractor which comes out to 6% of the $975.00 I sold it for. I don't remember what I paid in fees on my $3,000.00 tilt bed trailer but it wasn't much.

For Me, that 13% is a hell of a lot better than paying an auctioneer 25%, plus I have world-wide coverage instead of just the local yokels. It's up to me though to make sure the title and description are worded right to attract the right audience for each item listed.

As they say, Your Mileage May Vary, but that's how it's been for me selling on eBay. Been doing it for 13 years and not about to quit.

As for Listing Fees..... You get 50 FREE Listings per month regardless of start price, plus they keep throwing in special offers where you can list a lot more items for free once in a while. IF you put a reserve price on something you will pay extra for that whether it sells or not, but with the Free Listing regardless of start price I just start everything at what my reserve would be. If it doesn't sell, I'm not out anything and I can keep relisting it for Free until it does sell.



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That's what all the sponsor ads are for chappy. You know....pay for expense of running the site.
I beg your pardon! If you read the Terms of Service on Enginads, you will see that a fee of 1/2 of 1% is due on sold ads. That's one Hell of a lot less than 15% if you don't do math.

You might want to renew you subscription for selling on Enginads as well.

Who in their right mind works on a job that simply "makes" expenses?


You used a LOT kinder words on this ..... than I wasa fixin to, and changed my mind. :rant: :salute:
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If I missed something in TOS at EngineAds. My apologies. But, don't get snappy with me. Kindly

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Are some different considerations for me because none of the stuff I am listing is mine. Everything I've listed is owned by another person. So, if list at Ebay, it could run as high as 25 - 30% by the time we pay Ebay/Paypal and put a little $ in my pocket for listing and doing the deals.

Guy I am selling for will not give away 1/4 - almost 1/3 of costs of selling. That's where I'm at. Thanks

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I will go back and look at what I've sold here in last three years. I think is probably around 5-6g worth of gas engine stuff. Will send some $ and update subscription.


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Look, this is the last I will say it. I made a mistake. Don't expect "free lunch." so just stop. Thanks Much


That 1/3 of the selling price sounds about right to sell on Ebay for someone else. Maybe a little less if the items are high value, or small with low shipping cost and easy to pack. Harry's is definitely less expensive, but some people are not willing to put an exact price on items. They want the maximum price. You get put in a no win situation either way. All you can do is let them know the costs, and be willing to walk away (even if they are a friend).

Craig A

If you sell low dollar items on ebay and get paid via paypal it's going to cost you 20%.
I wised up on smaller items by building in free shipping into the starting bid which IS the minimum at which I will sell........and for which ebay cannot charge a percentage....... :D
I don't play the "Reserve Bid" game and run 3 day auctions only which end around 8PM Central time so most folks, coast to coast, are awake....... :brows: