Ebay, go figure


They ended the auction this morning and cancelled all the bids on it.

I looked them up on www.Toolhaus.org this morning and found they had 77 Negatives, 111 Neutrals, and 82 feedbacks removed that were also negs...

They had given Retallitory Negatives to everyone that complained about them until eBay changed their policy on that, and then started filing Non Paying Bidder disputes to get the feedbacks removed on anything that the buyers didn't respond to the disputes on. Feedback comments are still there showing that the buyers got the items, but the red negative dots are gone.

If anyone ever files a strike against you, be sure to respond to it or eBay will rule in their favor whether you paid or not.

John Newman Jr.

Re: Xing Dong Diesel engine
I ain't sayin' it is & I ain't sayin' it ain't - I'm just sayin'.....
The Xing Dong engine ( eBay #120556600451) has a tag that claims it is a Model ZH1130D. Weighs 200Kg (440Lbs) and makes 33HP @ 2200RPM.
I found another similar engine listed by a different seller. This one (eBay #270379154636) is tagged as a Ju Ling Model SD1130. It weighs 285Kg (627Lbs) and says it makes 30HP (1 Hr rating) or 27.5Hp (12 Hr rating) @ 2200RPM.
My guess is that they are both 1130cc engines based on that number being common between them. Can you squeeze 30 (+/-) HP out of a 1.1 Liter engine? Sounds a little stretched to me, but close enough to be in the ball park.....
Pictures of the engine ID tags shown below.



At roughly 67 cubic inches it could if you figure properly tuned automotive engines have been making 1 HP per cubic inch for years, but at a much higher RPM.

30-33 HP at a low 2200 RPM from 67 cubinc inches would still be a bit of stretch for a single cylinder. They'd have to be pretty well built with excellent breating, a fairly hot cam, high compression, and a well tuned carburator to get anywhere near that, especially at that RPM.


Guess I should have clicked on the listings first.... being diesels, I guess they have the high compression and would make gobs of low end torque along with having the horsepower rating at a much lower RPM, so it could be possible with it being 67 cubic inch.

And yes I also realise I wrong about the well tuned carb, since they're aint none on a diesel.:shrug:Ooops! Shoulda looked first.:O