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eBay Policy

Scotty 2

Active member
Hello all
I just found out the hard way that ebay has a policy where potential buyers can no longer inspect goods before auction end. Your supposed to ask any number of questions in the world and buy it. When you go to pick it up you can cancel the sale if it's not described correctly.
How do you know how much something is worth if you cannot see it to check for yourself?
If you ask to look at an item on 2 occasions your banned for 7 days.
Apparently it's so you cannot buy outside ebay. What a hell of an 'inconvenience'.
It didn't matter that the item I was banned for is still for sale. It's their policy.....you cannot ask to inspect.

Cheers Scott


Re: ebay policy

I really wish someone would come up with a good competitor for ebay. They are getting very draconian in the way they run things.

Big Bird

Here's some proof of ebays double talk bull ....
If you as a seller on eBay think you have a shred of protection.... you are severely mistaken....
Example ...
I sold a high value item... I also Included free shipping. To the tune of $200.00 to send the item to the purchaser..
Purchaser opened the crate and said it is not as described and not as pictured and wants a refund.
Mind you.. that this listing was verified thru the item's manufacturer for content of the listing and the pictures of the serial number and all sides of the item were used in the listing
I provided ebay representatives with all the information to prove"without a shadow of a doubt that the listing was correct and the buyer had either purchased the item in error or had changed his mind.
Either way the buyer would be responsible for return shipping.
But with eBay's money back guarantee all the purchaserr had to say was it was not as described and ebay can force you to pay for return shipping as well as a full refund for the purchase price of the item.... no questions asked.
So out comes the wallet again... another $200.00 for return shipping ....
So I send the purchaser $200 to return the item to me before I refund his full purchase price for the item.
I contact eBay and send them a screenshot of the PayPal transaction of the refund.
They immediately emailed me back to tell me that this is not good enough they want more proof that I've sent the buyer $200 for the shipping. I'm flabbergasted... they actually want more proof from me about sending him return shipping cost Than they asked the purchaser for , before they offered him a full refund plus return shipping..
Hers a screen shot of a few messages from eBay showing the double talk and outright contradictory statements that e bay makes
Their is so much more to this story but I'm so pissed I can't type straight...:rant: to be continued...



No further info from the buyer before a return is forced? What a crock!
Here is the thing .Don't be surprised the least bit if your item either never comes back,comes back broken or even another worn out item.And Ebay will still give that same bull they never held it so they don't know.
A friend sold a like new concert t shirt on ebay. The buyer whined it was not as described, ok whinny ass, here is your money back now send me the t shirt back. It comes back sweaty,torn,and the wrong size even! :eek:
Ebay washed their hands of it ,seller out of 40 bucks.

I just wonder when a situation like this comes up on a item that cost enough someone sues over this return policy?
I mean,let's say I am in Dreamland and I am a millionaire and I find a Lamborghini that I want. 450,000 dollars. I send my man out with his truck to pickup my dream car I bought from pictures on a I phone screen.
It gets to my driveway and there is a flyspeck he didn't tell me about on the windshield. I want my money back. Now I won't mention to him I had my mechanic unhook the speedo and I ran 4 tanks of gas out of it before I emailed Ebay.
Don't you reckon the seller is going to be miffed? And don't you think all of this could have been prevented had I been able to look at the car and found that flyspec? Hum.

I am just looking outside the bubble a bit.Who would have thought Facebook would falter a bit? Ebay is no safer. They will regulate themselves into a corner at some point.

Gene Fisher

When i first started using ebay almost 20 years ago if you received four negative feedbacks you were banned. I have now seen sellers with hundreds of negative feedbacks and still selling. Comes down to the money they make not risky sellers.


Anyone have a better option than ebay? I've looked at Amazon, but it does not seem to fit my needs, and from what I've heard, it is not working any better for those that have tried. I have considered just setting up a website, but it would be nice if I could import all my ads to it before I close the ebay store, any advice on how to do that?

Andrew Mackey

EBay ripped me off for $400. I purchased a mahogany airplane model, and used paypal for the purchase. I never got the plane, and paypal refused to refund me the $400 either. They both suck, and I won't use paypal ever again!

Mitch Malcolm

Well I have had pretty good luck with Ebay and paypal but ebay is greedy so I have done a new website with on line ordering ect with most items free shipping its not finished yet but for the most part its operational check out www.lightningmagneto.com :)