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eBay Puts me through the wringer - AGAIN!


Harry's OldEngine
Fri 11/8/2019 12:42 PM

We already went through this past August 2019 and you put me through HELL. Rather than do a batch of busywork just to satisfy your job description, if you don't want my business, just say so.

Harry Matthews, Inc.

[FONT=Calibri, sans-serif]From: EPN Operations Support <epn-operations-support@ebay.com>
Sent: Friday, November 8, 2019 7:49 AM
To: oldengine at hotmail.com
Subject: eBay Partner Network Request for Information

Dear Harry, During a routine review of our accounts, we came across your account and would like to get a better understanding of how you are generating traffic for us. We would appreciate if you could please reply to this email within 72 hours with a detailed explanation of how you are driving traffic to eBay. Please provide the following information:

1) Campaign IDs for all of your EPN accounts.
2) For each account, provide:

- Website URLs of all sites you use to drive traffic to eBay. If you are using social media sites, please provide us with complete URLs for the pages you use to drive traffic to eBay.
- Any third party agents that you are currently employing, and/or any server redirects.
- Details on any special promotional methods that require written approval. If applicable, please include the approvals you have received.
- An example outlining the steps the user would take to arrive to your site and the steps they would take to finally arrive at eBay pages.

Thank you again for your interest in EPN.


eBay Partner Network


Big companies are a P.I.T.A. with extra employees just to be that way.

We may simply go with a subscription based forum with ads from our Sponsors and maybe Google ads for registered and non-registered users.

-- Harry

Andrew Mackey

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I dont like Ebay anyway. They are a rip off and do not back the buyers. Pay pal is worthless too! Tell them to pack salt Harry, I am sure there are other sponsors who would love to have your business without all the crap ebay spews. Cant they just click on the Stak, and see how many ads come up, including the headder on this forum? What a bunch of maroons!


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Looks like a typical fishing expedition so they can use the information for their own advertising and gain somehow!

Tracy T

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We may simply go with a subscription based forum with ads from our Sponsors and maybe Google ads for registered and non-registered users.

-- Harry
sounds good to me. To Hell with em!:salute: life is too short to deal with BS that you dont have to.


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I used to enjoy Ebay but it has become a mess.I still buy there and I want to start selling again as I have a bunch of stuff I bought years ago to sell there and just aint had the time.
There is alot I wish they would do such as stop changing the page layout every week!

Oh yea,Harry,I LOVE your response to them.That is the way we all should let people know how we feel.