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Economy model N with odd carburetor

Shelby Babcock

I picked up a 1 1/2hp N Economy the other day and noticed the carb on it is a bit unusual. I've seen quite a few model N's over the years and I don't think I've ever seen one that is cast into the head. It is cast into the rocker arm stand as well. Would appreciate any info, or if anybody has one like it I'd like to see it. Thanks for looking.


Joel Mosley


They definitely made both types of these as original equipment. One had a removable small carburetor that was threaded in and the other one had the one cast in one piece with the head as you have pictured. I'm not sure which one was earlier or later or if they were made concurrently. I think they were earlier. I have seen another like yours in the 303,000 range. I don't have enough data but mine with the removable carburetor has a serial number that is 2608 higher.

Tom Marshall Jr.

I was told by Glen that the first ones had the carb cast with the head . This was difficult and many castings were not useable. so the head was cast seperate from the mixer. You have a early one.