Economy Priming


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I am going to blast my economy hit and miss tomorrow. I am planning on using epoxy primer but need to know if I will have to sand the primer before applying the finish paint? Thanks.

Andrew Mackey

I would say yes - the epoxy will leave a smooth surface, and paint needs a slightly rough surface to adhere toIt wil also help remove any blemishes in the surface too.


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Well I blasted the engine and put self etchinf primer on it. I found a few bad places in the casting. what do I fill them with? I have some good polyester filler, would that work good?


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The type of finish you get will depend on what preparation you do. Some restorers leave the rough cast iron finish and primer and paint over that and you still see that it is cast iron. Some want a smooth finish so either sand or fill all the surface to make it smooth then primer and paint. So it will depend on what finish you want. If you have to use a filler somewhere for what ever reason it will stand out if it is smooth and the rest is rough so if that is not a look you want you will need to make your filler rough so it blends in. This might be able to be achieved by scrunching up a rag and soak it in something like a glue and hold it on an area of rough cast, let it set and that can be you mould for when you use your filler.

Tracy T

just remember paint covers NOTHING! if anything paint magnifies it. if you want a smooth look you will need a high build primer. if you can see or feel a imperfection it WILL show up when painted.