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Edgar T. Westbury Heinrici type Stirling engine


Hi all,

Another of my finds is this machinist made Heinrici type Stirling engine.

It does not run and has not been completed.
I convinced the owner to sell it because he had put it on a shelf more than 30 years ago and not touched it since.
A clean up and it looks pretty good again.

I have tried to get it to run with a small burner without any luck...

Will be working on finishing it and the burner, it may work better with the propane fuel it was designed to use.
Also need the exhaust to be made. I find it strange that the plans do not mention this bit anywhere.

Of the many Westbury designs this is the first one i have seen with a water jacket for cooling. I wonder if there was a pump option to build for circulating the water?

It also came with the original plans!


Gil Garceau

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Andrew, study your drawings as that piece requires a water pump to work properly.
I think I have one of those. I will post a video if possible. All I used to run it was a 2 element evaporating alcohol burner borrowed from a Schoenner steam engine.

Here it is:




Thanks for the replies!!!
That video was awesome Gil!!! Thanks!
Any info on plans for the water pump??

Update: I have it running very slowly!!! Made a new bushing and lapped a lot of the parts to run smoother! Just need to finish off the burner and reassemble it!

I am not sure if i am allowed to post a full set of drawings but here are two parts!

And a short video of it running in my vise for support!


lazylathe;688239 I am not sure if i am allowed to post a full set of drawings but here are two parts! And a short video of it running in my vise for support! [url said:
Not sure how that works either. I'd love a copy of them though. I'd like to build one once I am done with my Rider_Ericsson.

The video is fantastic! Looks like it runs nice an slow. I love how it looks like it is going to stop, and the flywheel kicks it over. If you make another when you are done, get a few different angles of it.


I am going to try and get all the components for the burner tonight.
Also need to get a small water pump for an aquarium to pump water through the cooling jacket, that might also speed it up a bit.
Once it is up and running i will do a better video showing the whole engine.
I love the look of Gils one, the paint job really makes it stand out!
May have to redo mine!!